Passive Mobs Edit

Cow Edit

  • Bones

Mooshroom Cow Edit

  • Bones
  • Red Leather

Pig Edit

  • Bones
  • Ham
  • Ribs

Bat Edit

  • Bones

Sheep Edit

  • Bones

Chicken Edit

  • Bones
  • Chicken Leg

Wolf Edit

  • Bones
  • Wolf Skin

Squid Edit

  • Squid Tentacle

Ocelot Edit

  • Bones
  • Ocelot Fur

Monsters Edit

Zombie Pigman Edit

  • Bones
  • Pigman Meat

Enderman Edit

  • Bones

Blaze Edit

  • Bones
  • Blaze Shard

Creeper Edit

  • Bones
  • Creeper Skin

Zombie Edit

  • Bones
  • Zombie Arm
  • Zombie Brain

Spider Edit

  • Spider Legs

Cave Spider Edit

  • Spider Legs

Slime Edit

  • Goo

Magma Cube Edit

  • Magma Goo

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